What's So Great about Palmetto Grass?

18 April 2016
 Categories: Environmental, Blog


When you're thinking about having a new lawn put down, there are many different species of grass to consider. Palmetto grass in particular is a really good, family-friendly option. Read on to find out what's so great about Palmetto grass.


Palmetto is a variety of Buffalo grass. However, unlike common Buffalo grass, Palmetto does not have barbed leaves that can irritate bare skin. This makes it soft to the touch and perfect for young kids to play on during the summer months.

Palmetto tends to carry fewer seed heads than other species of lawn grass. This means that kids playing on the grass are less likely to suffer from hay fever and other pollen-related allergies. In addition, playful pets are less likely to pick up grass seeds in their paws or ears, which could result in an expensive trip to the vet.

Aesthetics and versatility

Unlike some other species of Buffalo grass, Palmetto retains its colour through the winter, so you can enjoy a lush, green lawn all year round.

Palmetto also makes a good choice for gardens that are shaded or partially shaded for much of the day. This is because although Palmetto enjoys full sun, it will also do well in more shady conditions and requires only a few hours direct sunlight each day.

Easy to care for

Palmetto grass typically has a slower upward leaf growth than some other species of lawn grass, and for this reason it may require less frequent mowing. Instead, Palmetto tends to grow across the ground, giving a thick coverage that provides a good, hard-wearing surface. This means that it can withstand pet activity and kids' games without becoming worn and patchy.

Palmetto's deep root system can help to make it resistant to very dry conditions during hot summer weather. This not only saves you having to water the grass as frequently as you would more shallow-rooted varieties, it means that your lawn will stay looking lush and green all summer long rather than becoming brown and parched.

Palmetto's dense growth habit forms a thick 'mat' of turf. This can prevent invasion by weeds, saving you money on weedkiller and saving you hours of backbreaking weeding when you'd rather be relaxing in your garden. Palmetto also shows resistance to common lawn pests such as grass or curl grub that often inflict catastrophic damage to sparse lawns.

In conclusion

If you want a lawn that is kind to your kids and pets, keeps its colour all year round, and is easy to maintain, you should consider using Palmetto Buffalo grass. Ask your local turf supplier for more information and advice.