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Green Lasers: Welcome to the Future

3 Amazing Things Made from Scrap Metal

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Do you think Australia does enough to encourage metal recycling? Currently, you only receive a cash incentive to recycle in South Australia and the Northern Territory, and that’s only for aluminium drink cans. Having said that, the environmental benefits should be incentive enough, since for every can you recycle, you save enough electricity to power a TV for three hours – electricity that would have otherwise been used to make new aluminium. If you enjoy recycling, you may enjoy these metal recycling ideas.  An...

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3 Steps For Keeping Your Grease Traps Properly Maintained

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A restaurant, school or other establishment that prepares food will typically be required to have a grease trap installed. This is a type of apparatus that fits between the kitchen’s drains and the sewer lines and which keeps fats, oil, and grease (FOG) from getting into the sewers and causing clogs. It’s important that these establishments keep their grease traps properly cleaned and maintained so they don’t back up and cause an overflow, as this is very messy and difficult to clean. If you manage a restaurant or another...

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Get Your Fire Suppression Tank Inspected & Protect Yourself From Fires

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Fire suppression tanks are crucial fire fighting apparatus that are required in commercial, industrial and institutional settings. These tanks offer the needed resources to launch a quick response to fire outbreaks. As such, there is great need to have them inspected to ensure that they are in great working order should such as situation arise. The inspection, carried out by approved companies, ensures that the tanks subscribe to these Australian standards. Manual inspections There are several ways used to inspect fire suppression tanks. The...

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Hydroponic Systems: A Smart Choice For Modern-Day Farmers

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Nowadays, gaining access to enough arable land to farm is rather difficult. If you want to increase crop produce but lack adequate land to farm, here are some reasons why putting in place a hydroponic system can be the best option for you to take.  Self-Controlled Planting Conditions Crops planted in the soil are fully-dependent on the forces of nature. When it rains in plenty during the planting season, they flourish. However, when the rains persist into the harvesting period, then the same crops can go bad on the farm due to delayed...

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How to Change Your Shopping Habits In Order to Reduce Skip Bin Emptying Costs

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There are many things that you can do in order to reduce the frequency of emptying your skip bin. This article specifically discusses how changing shopping habits can result in reduced garbage for you. Switch to Solar-Powered Items Disposable batteries and their packaging make up a significant fraction of the garbage generated in homes. In order to reduce this volume of garbage, you should switch to buying items that are powered by solar energy. These items include wristwatches, calculators and flashlights. Once you make this change, there...

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Do Your Backyard Trees Look Shaggy? Have Your Trees Pruned To Keep Them Healthy

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If your backyard trees resemble something out of a “Tarzan” movie, it’s time to call in your friendly neighbourhood tree trimmer. While trees do need their leaves for photosynthesis, those leaves also need access to the sun to complete the process. Here’s how professional tree trimmers prune for your trees. The Tree Pruning Process Think of when you get a haircut. Your stylist or barber trims away split ends and scraggly pieces that are making your hair look untidy. Likewise, a tree trimmer will prune away branches...

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