Tips for Hiring Rubbish Removal Services for Your Home

14 August 2023
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One way to eliminate a mountain of junk accumulated on your property is to hire a rubbish removal company to clean it up. The advantage of leaving it up to them is that they do everything—collect, carry, load and take it away—without you having to lift a finger. However, trash is a complicated business, and it can be helpful to know some of the basics, which are explained below.

Rubbish Categories

When hiring a trash removal company, you should check what kind of trash they accept and verify that it aligns with what you're throwing out. A company may collect some types of waste but not others. For example, they may not take trees and branches, and you will need to find another business if you have a vast amount of foliage to remove.

Several categories are household junk, green waste, construction rubble and e-waste. Household trash includes general rubbish like old furniture, clotheslines and toys—commonplace things you have around the house. Green waste is everything from the garden. If you've recently renovated, you may have plenty of construction rubble, such as old bits of cabinetry and brick pavers. E-waste is everything that is plugged in or runs on batteries.


There are some things that a general trash removal company won't pick up, and you should be aware of them and plan an alternative. Some common things they may not accept include petrol, pesticides, open cans of paint, household cleaners, oil and fluorescent light bulbs. For these items, refer to your local council's website, which will have information about how to deal with them.


If you're interested in recycling, check the policy of the trash removal company you book to clarify their policies. There is a network of recycling plants that handle different kinds of waste, and a trash removal company will typically be familiar with this network and have established relationships with recycling companies. Thus, they can take some of the trash they collect to them and only dump the remainder in a tip.

Mattresses, bicycles, crushed concrete, aluminium windows and garden clippings are all recyclable. Green waste can be taken to a facility where it will be transformed into compost. If you choose a company that is conscientious about recycling, less trash will end up in landfills.


You will need to check if a junk removal company collects e-waste. This type of waste should not be left in a landfill as it can contain both dangerous and valuable materials and must be taken to a licenced e-waste facility. A rubbish removal company may do this as part of the job, but you should verify this with them. E-waste includes many things besides TVs and computers, such as lawnmowers, sewing machines, hair dryers, toasters and printer cartridges.

For more information, contact a rubbish removal service near you.