Do Your Backyard Trees Look Shaggy? Have Your Trees Pruned To Keep Them Healthy

10 November 2014
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If your backyard trees resemble something out of a "Tarzan" movie, it's time to call in your friendly neighbourhood tree trimmer. While trees do need their leaves for photosynthesis, those leaves also need access to the sun to complete the process. Here's how professional tree trimmers prune for your trees.

The Tree Pruning Process

Think of when you get a haircut. Your stylist or barber trims away split ends and scraggly pieces that are making your hair look untidy. Likewise, a tree trimmer will prune away branches that are unsightly, whether they are living or dead. There are three basic types of pruning.

Selective Pruning

This is where the tree trimmer works on a specific part of a tree that is causing problems. For example, your tree may have a branch that hits the side of your house when it's windy. If that wind kicks up because of a major storm, the branch could do damage to your house. By cutting off that branch in a safe manner, the tree trimmer can save your home and keep the tree healthy at the same time. Tree trimmers are also often called to remove branches that arch over driveways or open-air patios if they are frequented by birds. This protects cars, patio furniture and even people from birds' messy "gifts".

Remedial Pruning

This type of pruning is often needed after a storm. Weak and/or diseased branches are often torn away, leaving ragged pieces sometimes still connected to the tree. The tree trimmer will trim the part that remains, taking only enough material to remove the problem. This branch trimming actually stimulates growth and is often used on older trees as a method of regeneration.

Formative Pruning

This is the art of pruning a tree so it grows a certain way. The ultimate example of formative pruning is the bonsai tree. These tiny trees are snipped and wired and carefully watered until they are transformed into works of art. Though doing some formative pruning on that oak in your backyard isn't as extensive as pruning a bonsai tree, you can have that oak tree nicely shaped. Just like the bonsai trees, it's best to start this type of pruning when the tree is younger, but experienced tree trimmers can still do wonders with older trees. 

Pruning your trees not only helps protect and beautify your property, it keeps the trees healthy so you can enjoy them for as long as possible. For more information, contact a business such as Treesafe Environmental Services.