How to Change Your Shopping Habits In Order to Reduce Skip Bin Emptying Costs

17 November 2014
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There are many things that you can do in order to reduce the frequency of emptying your skip bin. This article specifically discusses how changing shopping habits can result in reduced garbage for you.

Switch to Solar-Powered Items

Disposable batteries and their packaging make up a significant fraction of the garbage generated in homes. In order to reduce this volume of garbage, you should switch to buying items that are powered by solar energy. These items include wristwatches, calculators and flashlights.

Once you make this change, there will be fewer disused batteries to discard as well as fewer packaging materials in which those batteries are bought. In this way skip bins will take longer to become full and that will result in long term savings on emptying costs.

Start Using Reusable Shopping Bags

Shopping bags are another common feature in skip bins. Each trip to the mall or convenience store results in more disposable bags. These bags end up in the skip bin once the items they carried are removed.

In order to reduce the amount of this kind of garbage, you should revert to carrying reusable shopping bags as you go shopping. This will eliminate the numerous disposable bags that you carry back home. The net result is that the skip bin will take longer to fill and savings will be made on emptying costs.

Buy Groceries in Bulk

When people buy groceries in small amounts, each purchase comes with elaborate packaging that has to be discarded into skip bins. In a short while, the skip bin becomes full and a disposal company has to be called in to empty it. This costs money.

In order to reduce skip bin emptying expenses, you should begin buying groceries in bulk. In this way, there will less packaging to contend with and the skip bin will take much longer to become full. Fewer trips to landfills mean fewer costs to you.

Buy High Quality Items

With so many imitation products on the market, it is very tempting to reach for the lowest priced item on the convenience store shelf. The drawback to these items is that they don't last for long. Once they fail to function, they are discarded into skip bins.

The trick to reducing this kind of garbage is to be particular about the quality of the things you buy. High quality items last for a very long time and when a deliberate decision is made to purchase high quality goods, fewer items will be dumped into the skip bins.

When you change your shopping habits as advised in the discussion above, you will notice that your expenditure on hiring skip bins will gradually go down until it stops being a major household cost. Contact companies like Solo Resource Recovery‚Äč for more information.