Get Your Fire Suppression Tank Inspected & Protect Yourself From Fires

22 December 2014
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Fire suppression tanks are crucial fire fighting apparatus that are required in commercial, industrial and institutional settings. These tanks offer the needed resources to launch a quick response to fire outbreaks. As such, there is great need to have them inspected to ensure that they are in great working order should such as situation arise. The inspection, carried out by approved companies, ensures that the tanks subscribe to these Australian standards.

Manual inspections

There are several ways used to inspect fire suppression tanks. The simplest way is through manual physical checks. Through this method, inspectors physically go over the tank and check for anomalies. This technique has the shortcoming of requiring that the tank be emptied which can lead to expensive water wastage, negative environmental impacts as well fire vulnerability. It's ideal, however, for new tanks that are not filled yet. It can also be used during fire suppressant tank cleaning exercises.

ROV inspections

Fire suppression tanks can also be checked using remote operated vehicles (ROVs). These vehicles hover about the inside of the tank, recording data and sending it to the inspectors outside the tank. This method is safe as no one is put at risk.

It also enables faster inspection, especially for large tanks, with the bonus of recorded data for later use. Most importantly, it does not require the tanks to be emptied. This saves water, reduces costs and ensures your fire tank is not put out of service temporarily due to the inspection.

Diver inspections

The law also qualifies use of divers in fire tank inspections. Divers are used in dedicated fire tanks, tanks meant to only combat fire. As such, the use of divers does not pose any contamination threat to the water. Experienced diver inspectors go over the internal structure of the tank, checking for parts that may be in need of repairs or replacement. Divers ensure that every inch of the tank is inspected, ensuring that your tank is well prepared in case of a fire outbreak.

The Australian government has laid out strict regulations on what is expected in fire suppression tanks. These guidelines are meant to ensure that fire suppression tanks are installed, maintained and used correctly so as to combat fires appropriately, saving lives and property.

Talk to an inspection team such as Southern Commercial Divers and find out the options available for your fire suppression tank inspection. An inspection will also present you with the opportunity to initiate repairs of clean your tank, if need be.